SAFETY4SEA & EUROPORT are delighted to announce the SAFETY4SEA EUROPORT Awards within the scope of fostering Safe, Smart, Green & Sustainable Shipping. The process to be employed is a combination of open nomination and vote while the winners announcement and presentation along with four panel discussions with the winners shall take place during the Europort 2019 Exhibition to be held on 5-8 November, in Rotterdam Ahoy.

The Process

We have adopted a very straight forward procedure for the awards’ nominations and voting, which provides a unique opportunity for all nominees to get acknowledged for the hard and good work they put into their projects and initiatives, worth to be awarded, as follows:

  • Award categories are announced by the organizers approx. 4 months ahead of the event
  • Notification is sent to the stakeholders to propose nominations online
  • Shortlisting is carried out by the organizers prior initiation of the online voting process
  • Voting is initiated online supported by advertisements and email & social media campaigns
  • Voting period is approx. 2 months to be completed ahead of the event

The Awards Ceremonies

TUE 5 NOV 2019
Hall 6 Theatre [12.00-13.30]

WED 6 NOV 2019
Hall 6 Theatre [14.30-16.00]

THU 7 NOV 2019
Hall 6 Theatre [14.30-16.00]

FRI 8 NOV 2019
Plaza Speakers Corner [10.30-12.00]

The Deadlines

Awards Scheme Announcement
WED 8 MAY 2019

Online Nominations Deadline
FRI 28 JUN 2019

Shortlisting Announcement
THU 4 JUL 2019

Online Open Vote Commencement
FRI 5 JUL 2019

Online Open Vote Closing
MON 30 SEP 2019