SAFETY4SEA & EUROPORT are delighted to announce the winners of a series of  special awards concentrating on four specific themes: digital shipping; environmental protection; safety at sea and maritime careers. The process included a combination of open nomination and online vote. The awards ceremony along with four panel discussions with the winners took place during the Europort 2019 Exhibition, on 5-8 November, in Rotterdam Ahoy.

The Process

We have adopted a very straight forward procedure for the awards’ nominations and voting, which provides a unique opportunity for all nominees to get acknowledged for the hard and good work they put into their projects and initiatives, worth to be awarded, as follows:

  • Award categories are announced by the organizers approx. 4 months ahead of the event
  • Notification is sent to the stakeholders to propose nominations online
  • Shortlisting is carried out by the organizers prior initiation of the online voting process
  • Voting is initiated online supported by advertisements and email & social media campaigns
  • Voting period is approx. 2 months to be completed ahead of the event

The Awards Ceremonies

TUE 5 NOV 2019
Hall 6 Theatre [12.00-13.30]

WED 6 NOV 2019
Hall 6 Theatre [14.30-16.00]

THU 7 NOV 2019
Hall 6 Theatre [14.30-16.00]

FRI 8 NOV 2019
Plaza Speakers Corner [10.30-12.00]

The Deadlines

Awards Scheme Announcement
WED 8 MAY 2019

Online Nominations Deadline
FRI 28 JUN 2019

Shortlisting Announcement
THU 4 JUL 2019

Online Open Vote Commencement
FRI 5 JUL 2019

Online Open Vote Closing
MON 30 SEP 2019