SAFETY4SEA & EUROPORT are delighted to announce the winners of the GREEN4SEA EUROPORT Awards on Clean Shipping, Energy Transition, Technology, Initiative and Ship Design that have showcased excellence and innovation within the maritime industry towards a greener and more sustainable shipping. The awards were presented at a prestigious ceremony on November the 8th, on the sidelines of EUROPORT, in Rotterdam.

The Award winners are:

GREEN4SEA EUROPORT Clean Shipping Award

Jotun A/S
For  its HullKeeper which is a unique programme and progressive solution that enables optimized hull performance regardless of the applied coating through hull condition monitoring.

Torgeir Bringeland, Marketing Manager, Jotun A/S:

The HullKeeper program is grounded in Jotun’s proprietary fouling risk algorithm, supported by data from different sources to make fouling control and efficiency more predictable. By providing insight into issues as they occur, ship operators can take planned corrective actions. And as more data and information accumulate, best practices can be identified and implemented across the whole fleet.

GREEN4SEA EUROPORT Energy Transition Award

For its SKF Marine Condition Monitoring Solutions that optimize ship’s operation with condition-based maintenance.

Anders Welin, Global Condition Monitoring Expert, SKF Marine:

One essential factor in the energy transition is optimization of energy efficiency. Monitoring the performance and health status of machinery plays a significant role in achieving this optimization. This is why SKF places great emphasis on developing technologies in this area.


For its Fit4Fuels, an innovative and patented engine combustion technology platform that enables main engines to operate on clean-burning future fuels.

Nanda Sangram Kishore, GM Product Management & Engineering, Wärtsilä:

Wärtsilä has taken a leading position in the development and delivery of technologies that will accelerate the realisation of our industry’s decarbonisation ambitions. This solution is one of the many examples of our capabilities and commitment. Its flexibility means that the first step towards adopting the use of future fuels can be taken now knowing that the investment will not become obsolete. The benefits, both economic and environmental, are significant. Demonstration of this technology will be done on a large container vessel that had its engine upgraded with Fit4Power during the summer this year as a first step towards efficiency improvement.


Shell Western LNG B.V.
For investing in LNG bunkering, completing more than 1,000 LNG bunkering operations.

Didier Daems, Marine LNG Business Development Manager, Shell Western LNG B.V.:

Our development of LNG bunkering infrastructure is our commitment to finding practical solutions. Offering up to 23% greenhouse gas reduction, LNG can help the shipping industry meet compliance up to 2035. LNG is not just a short-term fix. With bio-LNG produced from bio-waste feedstock and e-LNG produced from green hydrogen, shipping companies can potentially rely on their LNG powered fleet to get all the way net zero by 2050.


Foreship Ltd
For participating in the design of a 15kTEU ammonia-powered container vessel, which has received an Approval In Principal (AiP) from ABS.

Jan-Erik Räsänen, Chief Technology Officer, Foreship Ltd:

During this project, the team was confronted with numerous unique challenges in incorporating ammonia as a ship fuel – challenges that required innovation and attention to detail. We carefully assessed that the ship design, risks, and safety concepts were in compliance with industry-leading ammonia guidelines, rules, and industry best practices. As a result, the project was awarded an Approval in Principle from the American Bureau of Shipping Classification Society.