SAFETY4SEA & EUROPORT are delighted to announce the winners of the CAREER4SEA EUROPORT Awards on Crew Welfare, Diversity & Inclusion, Education and Training that have showcased excellence & innovation within the maritime industry towards making a career in shipping more sustainable. The awards were presented at a prestigious ceremony on November the 10th, on the sidelines of EUROPORT, in Rotterdam.

The Award winners are:


KVH Industries, Inc.
For supporting crew welfare for seafarers around the world with a continued focus on connectivity technology, services, and content.

Thomas Plueschau, Regional Sales Manager, KVH Industries, Inc:

Connectivity is crucial to crew welfare, and this is part of our philosophy here at KVH.  Imagine living with no Internet service, no ability to text or call loved ones, no ability to check email, pay a bill, or engage online with friends – for weeks or months at a time. That’s what it can be like for a seafarer on a vessel with no or limited connectivity, news, or content. KVH is proud to support crew welfare for seafarers around the world with a continued focus on connectivity technology, services, and content.

CAREER4SEA EUROPORT Diversity & Inclusion Award

For promoting a holistic approach on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) with research and services for companies within maritime, to help them ensure employee diversity.

Isabelle Rickmers, CEO & Founder, TURTLE:

TURTLE disrupted the crewing industry by building a global marketplace where seafarers and shipping companies meet directly. Shipping companies can tap into a diverse pool of seafarers and can choose talent based on qualifications – at the same time allowing them to push their diversity efforts. We promote DEI in every aspect of our business and within our start-up itself. We constantly develop new formats to empower companies to enhance diversity in their hiring practices, providing a platform for them to amplify their employer branding efforts.


Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz
For providing programmes for masters and chief engineers, as well as hydrographic surveyors, featuring a highly equipped simulator training centre.

Stephen Procee, Researcher / Teacher at Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz:

The need to train and educate according to STCW goes without saying. More important though, is to prepare young professionals for their future work at sea and in the maritime sector by learning them skills that go beyond that standard. For instance, the shipping’s impending energy transition requires more than just changing fuel in order to cut GHG. It can be foreseen that sea transport needs redesign. A reconsideration of conventions, existing techniques and systems. In order to prepare our students for that, yet unknown, redesigned shipping world we currently introduce them with self-learning, researching skills through participating in, sometimes EU funded, research projects, invite them to develop an active open mindedness and show them that they are shaping their future instead of adapting to it.

CAREER4SEA EUROPORT New Generation Award

Maritime Sisters
For their energy and passion to make the sector futureproof, attractive and sustainable through their innovative activities that bring change, inspiration and promote collaboration. Maritime Sisters serve as an inspiring example for enhanced diversity and inclusion, as they have put the topic high on their agenda, raising awareness and engaging stakeholders in discussions.

Marjolein and Sylvia Boer, Maritime Sisters:

What we see when we look at a ship is more than just a big junk of steel. We see vessels transporting essential products like oil and gas, but also coffee and spices. Basically everything we use in our daily lives enters via ship, from all over the world. And along with those loads, different cultures come into our ports. That makes ports a gateway to the world. As you all know ships make the world go, they help trade flow and let business grow. Let’s make it sustainable in every way. But making it sustainable in every way is what we as an industry are struggling with. That touches us, as we truly have maritime DNA!


Capt. Eero Lehtovaara
For his outstanding contributions to the maritime industry, including his expertise in addressing the challenges posed by new regulations, human resource management, and technological advancements, such as the accelerating pace of shipboard automation. As the leader of the One Sea autonomous shipping alliance, Capt. Lehtovaara has prioritized the establishment of new autonomous shipping guidelines and regulations.

Capt. Eero Lehtovaara, Head of Regulatory Affairs, ABB:

This award is not about me; it’s about the shipping industry, which has given me so much throughout my career and personal life. It’s also about the great team I am so proud to be a part of – and without whom I wouldn’t be where I am today. So, I would like to thank everyone at ABB Marine & Ports for their ongoing support and commitment.  Together, we have achieved a great deal, and I look forward to a lot more success and progress – for ABB and for the wider shipping sector – in the years to come.