SAFETY4SEA & EUROPORT are delighted to announce the winners of the SMART4SEA EUROPORT Awards on Smart Shipping, Cyber Security, E-Navigation, Technology and Autonomous Shipping that have showcased excellence and innovation within the maritime industry towards a smarter and more sustainable shipping. The awards were presented at a prestigious ceremony on November the 9th, on the sidelines of EUROPORT, in Rotterdam.

The Award winners are:

SMART4SEA EUROPORT Smart Shipping Award

For its METIS SHaPoLi solution that helps operators to meet the ship’s required EEXI while ensuring that 100% of a vessel’s engine power is available if needed.

Andreas Symeonidis, Marketing & Partner Relations Manager, METIS:

In an industry where change is the only constant, METIS has always been at the forefront of innovation to empower shipping companies on their way towards digital transformation. Smart Shipping is not just a buzzword; it’s a revolution that is reshaping the way we navigate, operate, and manage our vessels. It’s about harnessing the power of data, automation, advanced analytics and connectivity to make our maritime operations safer, more efficient, and environmentally sustainable.

SMART4SEA EUROPORT Cyber Security Award

For offering a wide range of advanced cybersecurity solutions designed to fend off maritime cybercrime onboard and offshore.

Avital Sincai, COO and co-Founder, CYDOME:

Cybersecurity is not just about protecting against threats but also about creating a resilient framework that can adapt to the ever-changing threat vectors along with the new and evolving regulatory landscape of cybersecurity at sea. This award is a testament to the unwavering dedication of our entire team. I am immensely proud of their passion, expertise, and commitment to protecting the maritime industry. I also would like to thank our partners and customers who entrusted us with protecting their business.


Radio Holland Group B.V.
For its Radio Holland E-Navigation solution that features a voyage planner application, digital library for technical alerts and electronic logbook.

Wim Nieuwveld, Business Development Director New Business, Radio Holland:

We empower maritime operators to streamline their operations by providing a user-friendly platform complemented by a suite of integrated applications. We reduce their administrative burdens and, most importantly, ensure that their voyages are conducted with the utmost regard for economics, safety, and compliance, tailored to the unique needs of specific maritime segments. Thank you for this honor, and we look forward to the exciting journey ahead.


For the Orca AI’s SeaPod which is a fully automated navigational assistant that improves situational awareness, minimizes workload and fatigue and reduces human error with automation.

Yarden Gross, Co-Founder and CEO, ORCA AI:

We firmly believe Orca AI’s SeaPod represents a genuine game-changer for the maritime industry, especially in terms of safety and operational efficiency, which is paramount in our field. Our voyage to this accomplishment would not have been possible without the unwavering cooperation and support from our clients, partners, and the wider maritime community. We understand that shipping is a collaborative effort and we will continue to collaborate with our peers to address the pressing challenges of the shipping industry.

SMART4SEA EUROPORT Autonomous Shipping Award

Kongsberg Maritime
For involving in a number of major development projects within autonomous shipping while holding several contracts for delivery of complete autonomous ship solutions. Kongsberg Maritime has been also a lead partner in the EU’s AUTOSHIP project involving two ground-breaking demonstrations.

Sebastian Jobs, Senior Vice President Sales, Europe & Middle East and Vithusan Nadarajah, Sales Manager, Benelux:

Full autonomy in commercial operation is developing with our pioneering customers, with the continued learning and experience, these new technologies will make shipping safer, more efficient and create new and exciting possibilities for maritime operations.

Pål Andrè Eriksen, Senior Vice President, Kongsberg Maritime:

We have become a world leader in the development of autonomous vessels, through our role as a partner and technology leader in a range of autonomy pioneer projects. Our technology has been successfully demonstrated in a range of scenarios, across numerous vessel types including tugboats, coastal cargo, electrically powered barges and ferries. We have been able to demonstrate just how these exciting technologies can safely operate in real world conditions, at sea, and not just in computer simulations.